0.6kva Solar Powered Generator SG01

0.6kva all in one Solar Powered Generator.
Old price: ₦245,000.00
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1.25KWH SOLAR POWERED GENERATOR with It integrated Inverter, Stabilizer, UPS and battery. it's an all in one solar system. This is a pure sine wave electricity to power any electronics and home appliance. It has a continious power of 600w to power appliances such as energy saving lights, TV, setup box, audio, rechargable fan, blender, 100L fridge, computer, etc. It's portable and mobile. Also, it can be moved around different rooms in your house, or warehouse, even in hospitals. It supplies a clean and quiet energy for emergency use. It's rechargeable. When it's not in use, it can be connected to solar panel in day time to get free recharging or it could be connected to PHCN Power Supply for a quick recharging. It's very unique, durable and affordable.

Easy to use

Simple interface design, easy installation, multiple output functions for options, more convenient to use.

What it can power

TV, Decoder, 6 Bulbs, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Fan, Sound system, Game console and Small fridge.

Input voltage: DC 12V, AC 160V-275V

Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave

Output voltage: AC 220V, DC 12V, USB 5V
Inverter capacity: 600W
Battery capacity: 1 * 100Ah/12V
Solar panel: 1 * 250W/18V

Charging Current: 30A PWM Charge Controller
Working time: Load 100W for 12 hrs, Load 200W for 6hrs, Load 300W for 4hrs